2021 Jewelry Guide: Why Do You Need to Choose Hypoallergenic Jewelries?

2021 Jewelry Guide: Why Do You Need to Choose Hypoallergenic Jewelries? - Kategory Jewelry

What does hypoallergenic jewelry mean? Why do we need to choose hypoallergenic jewelries? What kinds of metals are hypoallergenic? You’ll find all the answers in this article.

I love jewelries and I used to buy jewelries based on mainly the look or style without paying attention to the materials that were used to produce the pieces.

I bought jewelries from different brands, including famous jewelry brands and small brands. If the jewelries look great and easy to be styled with (as I prefer jewelries that can be used for everyday style), I will give it a go.

But wait, gradually I realized that my skin may turn reddish and I felt itchy after wearing the jewelries for while (even after a short while!). As such experiences occurred from time to time, I realized that I am allergic to some of the materials used to create jewelries such as brass. So, I researched about it – yes, I must do it because I love wearing jewelries, and who would want to feel itchy and uncomfortable when wearing the beautiful jewelries!

Hence, for those of us who love jewelries, here are the things you need to know about hypoallergenic jewelries and why you need to choose them.

What are Hypoallergenic Jewelries?

Hypoallergenic jewelry simply means that there is minimal risk of causing an allergic reaction by the jewelry. 

Aurora Choker Necklace, Kategory Jewelry

Aurora Choker Necklace, Kategory Jewelry

Jewelry Metals That Cause Allergic Reactions

We need to look at the materials used to produce the jewelries, otherwise, we may risk an allergic reaction. These are the common types of jewelry metals that may cause skin allergies:

  • Nickel: People can be allergic to any metal, but nickel allergy is the most common one. Symptoms of contact dermatitis may appear within a day and can last for 2 to 4 weeks. Common signs of an allergic reaction include rashes, hives, swelling, itching/ irritation, redness, tenderness, bumps, dry patches that resemble a burn, blisters and draining fluid and bluish-green discoloration.

  • Lead: Some metal alloys contain a small percentage of lead. We’ve known for many years that lead causes terrible birth defects and strong reactions, and the same is true of any jewelry made with even the tiniest amounts of it.

  • White Gold: The very feature that makes white gold so attractive, its brilliant brightness, is the enhancement that can cause an allergy. Usually, rhodium plating is added onto the white gold jewelry to act as a protective layer, limiting the interaction of nickel on your skin. However, when the plating wears off over time, the material underneath would cause allergy to your skin.

  • Rose Gold: Rose gold is a mixture of pure gold and copper alloy. The presence of copper alloy in the rose gold alloy creates the beautiful rose color of the jewelry but at the same time makes the jewelry piece allergenic.

  • Costume Jewelry: Costume Jewelry, also called Fashion Jewelry, contains inexpensive base materials that are not hypoallergenic. Most often, these items have nickel fillers that are notorious for causing allergic reactions.
  • Brass: Brass is another known culprit to cause skin allergies. Brass metal contains alloyed copper, zinc, or nickel, and is not hypoallergenic.

Buying Allergy-Free, Hypoallergenic Jewelries

Fortunately, we can choose hypoallergenic jewelries. There is a wide range of nickel-free, hypoallergenic jewelries that you can choose, including hypoallergenic necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, rings and other body accessories.  

In below are the safe metals that you should target:

  • 925 Sterling Silver: Pure silver would be too soft to be made as jewelries. The ideal silver for making jewelries is 925 Sterling Silver which contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Unless you are allergic to silver, which is rare, most people who want to wear nickel-free jewelry can safely wear sterling silver.

  • Gold: Gold can be purchased in different karat counts, the purest being 24K. However, 24K gold is too soft for jewelry so it’s mixed with other metals and alloys. For example, 18k gold is 75% gold and 25% other metals. 14k gold is approximately 58% percent gold and 42% other metals. The purer the gold, the more hypoallergenic the metal is.

  • Platinum: Platinum used for jewelry is comprised of 95% pure platinum and 5% iridium. It is a precious metal that is extremely resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. It is typically a lot less likely that platinum is the cause of allergies.

  • Rhodium: Rhodium plating is often added onto silver jewelries to increase shine, luster and durability. Rhodium plating will also make the metal more scratch resistant and, when used on silver jewelry, less prone to tarnishing.

Suri Necklace, Kategory Jewelry

Suri Necklace, Kategory Jewelry

Stars Hoop Earrings, Kategory Jewelry

Stars Hoop Earrings, Kategory Jewelry

Where to Shop for Nickel free, Hypoallergenic Jewelries?

The jewelries from Kategory Jewelry are all made of genuine 925 sterling silver. For plating, only 14k/18k gold plating and platinum/rhodium are applied. Hence the beautiful pieces are hypoallergenic from the inside to the outside, making them a great, caring choice of jewelry gift to oneself.

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Flora Stud Earrings, Kategory Jewelry

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