6 KEY PRINCIPALS and 10 BEST Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her in 2020

Coin Medallion Double Layer Necklace

Want to buy her a jewelry to show her that you love her, but not to overwhelm her with a diamond ring, and not to have chosen a jewelry that she doesn’t like at all? Choosing a jewelry can be challenging, but it can also be enjoyable and make you feel great about your taste and choice, particularly if you can tell the meaning behind your choice and show your understanding about her favorites - don’t worry, here comes a friendly guidance. Grasp the 6 key principals below and impress her with your thoughtfulness!

6 Key Principals with 10 Jewelry Gift Ideas for her:

1. High quality. While solid gold is precious, it is very expensive, consider the trending 14k or 18k gold plated jewelry with 925 sterling silver as the base metal. This makes a luxurious and beautiful jewelry while its price is more friendly. 


Baroque Pearl Chain Necklace

2. Hypoallergenic jewelry. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 50 million Americans have experienced various types of allergies each year. Great if your girlfriend doesn’t suffer from any skin allergy which would allow a greater variety of choices in jewelries, otherwise, it would be sensible to choose her a hypoallergenic jewelry which is free of lead and nickel. 925 sterling silver jewelries are hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types. It is usually plated with real gold (for gold color) or platinum (for silver color), which is also hypoallergenic.   

3. Color that she likes – there are a wide range of colors for jewelry, but if we are to categorize them, these three come at the top: Gold, Silver and Colored jewelries. Think about the earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings that she wore recently. If you cannot recall, next time you may move her hair a bit to check out her earring or necklace before you kiss on her face.


The Encripted Necklace

The Encripted Necklace


Asymmetrical Chain Bracelet

4. Style that she likes – Stylish? Vintage? Or simple timeless style that would never go wrong? Choose a style of jewelry that is consistent with her clothing style. Does she like fashionable, trendy look more? Something worth mentioning here is that, unless you are sure about her taste or favorite style, don’t go too far about your choice of fashionable item or a type that is quite an exaggerated one (which would lower the risk of a wrong pick), rather, a simple fashionable kind, would be more suitable and long lasting, just like your relationship with her.



    Pearl Pendant Necklace


    Queen Pendant Necklace

    Ancient Moon Portrait Necklace

    5. Love Element – Of course, this is a gift to deliver your love message to your beloved woman. Choosing a jewelry that can enhance your message would be a great choice. Consider a necklace with moon and star, or sun and moon design, which signifies a strong connection and relationship. Imagine how she can’t wait to share it to her best friends about your love present…

    Triple Stars Moon Pendant Necklace

    Triple Stars Moon Pendant Necklace


    Sun and Moon Pendant Necklace 

     6. Personalized Jewelry - Who doesn't like a truly unique jewelry that is particularly designed for her with special meaning? You may choose to make the customized jewelry with letter(s), initial(s), name(s) or word(s). The personalized jewelries of Kategory Jewelry offers 5 choices of materials for making the unique piece - 14k gold vermeil, 18k gold vermeil14k gold plated 925 sterling silver18k gold plated 925 sterling silver, and 925 sterling silver. Highly recommend you to go for gold vermeil. Gold vermeil is a thick layer (2.5 microns) of solid gold on 925 sterling silver, which can last for years and even forever under normal usage and proper care. There are also 6 choices of beautiful fonts for selection, all are fabulous for creating an elegant piece. 

    Personalized Jewelry - Bar Ring and Aesthetic Ring, Kategory Jewelry

    Bar Ring

    Aesthetic Open Ring


    Final tips:

    1. Share your thinking process with her, tell her why you chose the jewelry for her, and tell her how much you want to choose her a jewelry that she likes – this would definitely melt her heart.

    2. Be confident about your choice - she will look great with the jewelry as this is a choice after your careful consideration. Stay cool if she doesn’t seem to agree, she may just doesn’t want to tell you her true feelings even though she feels as sweet as a candy.

    What do you think? Did I miss anything that you wold like to add on? Any other great ideas or thoughts to share?  Please feel free to comment below. 


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