BEST Christmas Jewelry Gifts Ideas 2020

BEST Christmas Jewelry Gifts Ideas 2020 - Kategory Jewelry
Christmas is such a joyful festival to look forward to every year! With all the worldwide incidents such as COVID-19 happening, we particularly need to create more joy in life and share the love with people around you!  
Choosing nice and thoughtful jewelries as Christmas gifts for family, lovers and friends are such a sweet and heart-melting gesture. Not only you are sending beautiful jewelry pieces to your loved ones, you are also sending positive messages, caring and love to them. And don't forget to reward yourself with the beautiful pieces too! You deserve a nice gift for all the work you have done this year! 
I would summarize the best Christmas gifts into two words, quality and meaningful. 
Here are some thoughtful suggestions for your consideration.

1. Colorful Cross Jewelries

The beautiful sparkling cross jewelries can immediately lift one's mood! The multicolor design looks festive and joyful whereas the cross sends a message of peace and love.

Vivid Cross Jewelries Set

2. Chic, elegant and sparkling fine jewelries

Who wouldn't like gorgeous pieces made of fine jewelries? The jewelries of Kategory Jewelry are all made of genuine 925 sterling silver with plating of precious metals such as 14k real gold, 18k real gold, platinum and rhodium. All the jewelries are hypoallergenic and suitable for daily wear. 
The cubic zirconias and gemstones used by Kategory Jewelry are of top quality. The beauty of the sparkles and the golden/silver light reflections from the jewelries can just make one's day! 
Sunlight Chain Drop Earrings, Kategory Jewelry
Moon and Stars Jewelries Collection, Kategory Jewelry

 3. Pearl Jewelries

Pearl makes one feel calm and joyful. Pearl jewelries can also increase the elegant feel of your everyday style. From casual looks to formal occasions, pearl jewelries can complete your chic and elegant look in a nice and beautiful way. 

Pearl Jewelries Collection, Kategory Jewelries

 4. Stackable Jewelries Sets

Stackable jewelries are the trend and it's so much fun to stack up the gorgeous pieces and create your own style! Kategory Jewelries have a great selection of stackable necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets sets which are already matched as ready-to-stack jewelries sets. While the styling is created for your reference, you may also create your own stacking styles by adjusting the length of the necklaces (all necklaces are adjustable) or putting the open rings onto different fingers. 

Stackable Rings Set, Kategory Jewelry
Stackable Jewlries Sets, Kategory Jewelry
Stackable Necklaces Set, Kategory Jewelry
All of the above are available at the collection of Stackable Jewelries Sets, Kategory Jewelry.

 5. Zodiac/ Birthstone Jewelries

If you have a friend or family member who has her birthday in December, consider a zodiac necklace for her: 

  • Sagittarius Pendant Necklace (22 November - 21 December)
  • Capricorn Pendant Necklace (22 December - 19 January)
 Zodiac Necklace, Kategory Jewelry
Or a beautiful moon and stars ring embellished with a natural Swiss blue topaz would be a great choice. Blue topaz is the birthstone of December, so it's now the perfect time to get it gorgeous ring! 
Lunar Ring, Kategory Jewelry
All the orders will be packaged as Christmas gifts with a beautiful packaging of love and glow. 
Check out the Christmas Gift Unboxing video of Kategory Jewelry to feel the happiness of receiving the nice and meaningful Christmas gifts! 

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