Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021 - Jewelry Gifts for Chic and Elegant Moms

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021 - Jewelry Gifts for Chic and Elegant Moms - Kategory Jewelry

“My mother is a walking miracle.” —Leonardo DiCaprio.

“A mother is the one who fills your heart in the first place.” —Amy Tan.

“My mother taught me about the power of inspiration and courage, and she did it with a strength and a passion that I wish could be bottled.”  Carly Fiorina.

What makes a great gift to our beloved moms? It must be something meaningful and beautiful. It must be something that fits her style. And it must be something that she can use/ wear very often so that the gift (which signifies our love and care to her) can stay with her everyday.

Everyday jewelries would definitely do a great job in this. Here I am going to introduce you the selected stunning jewelries for your chic and elegant moms. 

    Elegant Pearl Jewelries

    Pearl jewelries express the inner beauty, elegance and gentleness of moms. The chic and elegant design of the Pearls Jewelry Collection of Kategory Jewelry would be a great choice for moms. 

    Baroque Pearl Chain Necklace, Kategory Jewelry

    Baroque Pearl Chain Necklace

    • A beautiful and elegant chain necklace with a genuine freshwater pearl. The delicate pearl is of Baroque style with irregular, natural shape. 
    • From daily outfit to formal occasion, the pearl necklace can complete the chic and elegant look nicely.
    Moon Asymmetrical Chain Bracelet, Kategory Jewelry

    Moon Asymmetrical Chain Bracelet

    • Unique bracelet designed by Kategory Jewelry. The moon pendant is embellished with pearls which enhance the beauty and elegance of the jewelry.  
    Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings, Kategory Jewelry

    Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings

    • Pearl plays a magic in creating an elegant look. This pair of pearl earrings are made of genuine freshwater pearls. The hoop earrings are embellished with high quality cubic zirconias with stunning sparkles.

    Jewelries that Symbolize Motherhood

    Moon and stars jewelries are always the best nature-themed jewelries that signifies mother and child relationship. The jewelries of Kategory Jewelry are all made of genuine 925 Sterling Silver. All are hypoallergenic and suitable for daily wear, making the jewelries a beautiful, caring and practical gift for moms. 

    Triple Stars Moon Pendant Necklace, Kategory Jewelry

    Best Seller: Triple Stars Moon Pendant Necklace (gold/ silver)

    • Dainty design with 3 pieces of top quality cubic zirconias being held comfortably on the crescent moon. How about the 4th cubic zirconia in the middle of the crescent? It is a happy teardrop from the crescent for being able to stay with the beautiful stars. Great blessings for a close connection or relationship. 
    Lunar Necklace, Kategory Jewelry

     Lunar Necklace

    • A beautiful moon holding a star in its center, resembling the mother-child relation. Daughter/ son is always at the center of a mom's heart. It is such an undetachable and beautiful bonding. 
    Lunar Ring, Kategory Jewelry

    Lunar Ring

    • Elegant moon and star design. The beautiful crescent moon is embellished with a natural Swiss blue topaz and top quality cubic zirconias. A beautiful moon to hold the sparkling star at the center, just like every daughter/ son who is the precious star of his/ her mother.

    Chic Moms

    Moms are more fashionable than you can imagine! Get our loving moms chic and elegant jewelries! To all the chic moms: 
    Asymmetrical Tennis Choker Necklace, Kategory Jewelry
    Asymmetrical Tennis Choker Necklace
    • This beautiful tennis choker necklace is of asymmetrical design, embellished with top quality white zirconias. Chic, luxurious and elegant.
    • Feel free to dress up or down with this gorgeous piece! 
    Suri Necklace, Kategory Jewelry
    Suri Necklace
    • This gorgeous necklace is embellished with top quality white cubic zironias, which sparkles beautifully alongside the body movement. 
    • From everyday look to formal style, this dainty piece would do a great job in completing the look in a chic and elegant way. 
    Glamor Choker Necklace, Kategory Jewelry
    Glamor Choker Necklace
    • Let moms go glam! A glamorous, sparkling choker necklace. Gorgeous and luxurious design which brings moms a sparkling Mother's Day.
    Jasmine Cuff Earrings, Kategory Jewelry
    • The delicate, sparkling cuff earrings are carefully designed to fit onto our ears perfectly. Effortlessly chic. 

    You Are My Queen

    Moms are the origin of our inner strength and our powerful role models. Yes, you are definitely my queen!

    Queen Pendant Necklace, Kategory Jewelry

    Queen Pendant Necklace

    • This necklace is thoughtfully designed with two pendants. One is designed with a beautiful and elegant portrait, another is a plain coin pendant placed at the back of the portrait pendant. The chain of the necklace is of asymmetrical design and is adjustable. 

    Sweet Gift Set

    A gift set that is full of love would definitely melts her heart!

    Gift Set: Love Necklace and Love Earrings

    Love Necklace

    • A dainty, beautiful pendant necklace that is full of love. Hollow heart-shaped design, embellished with top quality white cubic zirconias
    • Simple, stackable with adjustable lengths. It looks great for wearing individually or layering with other necklaces. 

    Love Earrings

    • Beautiful heart-shaped drop earrings. Simple and elegant design. Wearing the earrings, feeling love everyday. 

    How about a Surprise?

    Taking this chance to have fun with moms would be a great idea too! How about the Surprise Box of Kategory Jewelry, which contains 3 hand-pick jewelries, including at least one necklace, plus two other jewelries (earrings, rings or bracelets)?

    You can choose the color of the 3 jewelries, gold, silver or a mix or both.

    All the jewelries are made of 925 sterling silver (stamped). All are hypoallergenic and suitable for daily wear. All surprise boxes are packaged as ready-to-give gifts. Create a surprise in just a few clicks!

    Surprise Box, Kategory Jewelry

    Surprise Box

    Hope the above gives you some inspirations on the present for your mom! Salute to all moms! Happy Mother's Day! 

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