New Statement Rings Designed by Kategory Jewelry, Meteor Ring and Bold Meteor Ring. Your Own Meteor, Making Your Own Dreams Come True

Meteor Ring and Bold Meteor Ring, Kategory Jewelry

What is a statement ring?

Statement ring is a ring which is bold and unique in design. It communicates the messages of the wearers about who they are and what are important to them. Statement rings have been named so for a reason – they create a strong expression with their boldness, stand out with their beauty and make all heads turn with an expression of envy. They have been around for decades and have been living up to their name quite well.

The Inspiration of the Design

Have you ever made a wish to a meteor? It is such a fascinating romance and exciting moment to be able to catch the precious seconds when the meteor appears in the sky and that you can make the wish on time!


I wish the meteor can stay.

I wish I can make my wishes at any time and carry my dreams with me everyday.

This thought inspires me of the design of Meteor Ring.

Meteor Ring, Kategory Jewelry
Sometimes, we need to add boldness in order to make our wishes come true. Yes, that leads to the birth of Bold Meteor Ring.
Bold Meteor Ring, Kategory Jewelry

Wear the Meteor/ Bold Meteor Ring every day, showing off about who you are and what you care. Make your wishes any time because you are the master.

Your own Meteor, making your own dreams come true.⁠

The Making of

It took months to transform the imagination to a real ring. Lots of communications and adjustments made between us and our trusted manufacturer. Lots of challenges to overcome during the process, for instances, how to allocate the zircons that can fit perfectly onto the ring? How to make the tip of the meteor sharp? Color tone and combination? How to make the curve of the ring perfect? Thickness and boldness of the ring? Lots of thoughts and excitements, and finally our rings were born.

Meteor Ring, Kategory Jewelry

The Illustration of the Rings

Illustration of Meteor Ring and Bold Meteor Ring, Kategory Jewelry
The base material of the ring is 925 sterling silver which is precious and hypoallergenic. Platinum plating is applied for the section of the white cubic zirconias, and 14k gold plating is applied for the rest of the ring. The ring is covered by an extra coating for protecting it from scratches and preserving the beautiful color of the ring.

Best Gifts for Self and Your Loved One

A particularly designed ring box is used for the statement rings. Dusty pink is used as the theme color of the packaging for its romantic, unusual and dreamy feeling.

Jewelry Gift Packaging, Kategory Jewelry
Jewelry Gift Packaging, Kategory Jewelry
Jewelry gift packaging, Kategory Jewelry

Meteor/ Bold Meteor Ring would be such a gorgeous and meaningful ring gift for yourself and your loved one. Who doesn’t want to hold onto our dreams and actualize them? Make your wishes/ dreams visible by wearing the meteor on your finger, as a reminder and as a motivator. Get your own meteor, keeping the momentum, making your dreams come true and remaining truthful to our original aspirations.

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