BEST EARRINGS for 6 Different Types of Face Shapes - A Quick Practical Guide

BEST EARRINGS for 6 Different Types of Face Shapes - A Quick Practical Guide

Do you know that you will look even prettier if you know how to choose the types of earrings that fit your face shape? Or put it in another way, how to choose the earrings that fit the shape of your face? Firstly, you need to understand your face shape. Then, simply follow the guidance in below to find your best friend earring type for life! 

This guidance would also be helpful for those would would like to choose earrings as a gift to your loved one such as girlfriend, fiancee, wife, best friend, daughter, granddaughter or sisters. Please read our "5 KEY PRINCIPALS and 10 BEST Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her in 2020" to understand more. 

To identify the type of your face shape, youcan stand in front of a mirror with your hair tied up and trace the edge of your face with a lipstick (without including your ears).


Square, Round, Oval, Heart, Diamond & Long












Here are the TIPS to guide you in selecting your perfect earrings:

1. Square Face


  1. Your forehead is straight along your hairline
  2. The width of your forehead and jawline are noticeably similar
  3. Your chin is square or flat

Suitable Earrings:

  1. Hoop earrings
  2. Drop / long earrings with round dangle
  3. Round or oval shaped earrings

The above types of earrings can help balance out the angles on your face. Stay away from square studs or any kind of earrings with a square or sharp angle which would enhance the squareness.


Hollow Tube Earrings

2. Round Face



  1. Your face is circular. The length from the tip of your nose to all sides of your face are about the same, with the widest at your cheekbones.
  2. You have a round chin line.

Suitable Earrings:

  1. Drop / dangle earrings
  2. Long earrings

The above types of earrings can help elongating the face shape and bring balance to it. Avoid large circular earrings, hoops and button studs which emphasize the roundness. Also, drop earrings with a dangling round disc would also exaggerate the roundness of your face.


Long Chain Drop Earrings


3. Oval Face


  1. Your forehead may be slightly wider than your chin
  2. You have a well-rounded jawline to chin
  3. Overall face shape is like an oval / egg

Suitable Earrings:

  1. Stud earrings
  2. Earrings of different shapes (round, rectangular, triangle, asymmetrical, etc.)
  3. Drop / dangle earrings
  4. Exaggerated or minimalist

You are the luckiest if you have an oval-shaped face, because you can carry almost all kinds of earrings! Try out different styles and enjoy your earrings show!

Twisted Bar Stud Earrings

4. Heart Face


  1. Your forehead is wider than your cheeks and the lower half of your face narrows like a heart shape
  2. You have a more pointed chin

Suitable earrings:

  1. Dangle / long earrings that are more rounded at the bottom, which help to reduce the angles around your chin and makes it looks more rounded.
  2. Teardrop earrings

You need to counterbalance your sharp chin with earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top. This helps filling in the lower portion of your face and attaining an overall balance of your face.

Figure Hoop Earrings


Olympic Flame Stud Earrings

5. Diamond Face


  1. Your cheekbone is wider than your forehead
  2. Your cheekbone is wider than your chin

Suitable Earrings:

  1. Stud earrings of different shapes
  2. Long earrings that stop just above the chin
  3. Dangle earrings with soft, curvaceous designs to cut back on the edges of your face.

You should avoid diamond shaped earrings. They fail to harmonize with your facial features and would overemphasize your cheekbone.


Snowdrop Stud Earrings


Pearl Stud Earrings

6. Long Face


  1. You have a long, narrow face

Suitable earrings:

  1. Hoop earrings (best with medium to large size)
  2. Short dangle earrings with a rounded bottom
  3. Round shaped or curved earrings

You need the round, circular, curved elements in your earrings to balance your face shape and make it look fuller. Avoid wearing very slim and super long earrings which would emphasize the length of the face.

 Basic Hoop Earrings

Triple Tubes Stud Earrings

Final tips:

1. Choose the types of earrings that match your bone structure

If you have small, fine bone structure, you would look best with thin, fine and delicted earrings. Imagine someone with small, fine bone structure (such as Natalie Portman) wearing big, bulky earrings. It turns out that the earrings would look too heavy for the person to carry.

Following the same logic, if you have medium bone structure, earrings with medium size and weight would suit you the best.

And if you have large bone structure, you would be able to carry large, heavy, chunky earrings.

2. Choose the earrings that suits your style and the occasions

If you prefer simple, long lasting types of earrings, likely that you would love minimalist or timeless style (check out our Timeless Collection to get some inspirations!). The advantage is that they would be suitable to wear for almost all occasions, no matter you are working in the office, or you are having a chill out time with friends after work / in the weekend.

If you love fashionable accessories and earrings, and that you are rather adventurous in trying new stylish items, you can choose among a wide variety of trending earrings in the season (check out our Future Design Collection for more earrings ideas), based on your face shape.

3. Choose the earrings that match your skin tone

If you have warm undertones in your skin (yellow, peach or honey), you would look best wearing golds and copper metals. Apart from solid gold earrings, there are plenty of other great choices such as Gold Plated, Rose Gold Plated, Copper, Brass earrings, with or without colourful gemstones, they would make you look fabalous!

If you have pink or blue undertones in your skin, silver would be a great choice for you. Consider the earrings made of 925 Sterling Silver, or Silver Plated, White Gold Plated, Platinum Plated or Rhodium Plated earrings, with or without colourful gemstones, they would go very well with your skin tone!

4. Keep an eye on the trending items and pick the styles / elements that you like

It is always good to know the jewelry trend and get an understanding about the new types of products available in the market. Then choose the style that you like and follow the guide above to get yourself the best fit earrings. To learn more, please read "Fall 2020’s JEWELRY TREND – 7 Elements That You Cannot Miss" and don't forget to sign up with us to get updated on the jewelry trends and new products. 

Hope you enjoy the reading! What are your thoughts / experience / ideas about choosing earrings? Please feel free to comment below and I look forward to hearing from you!


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