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We love chic & elegant fine jewelries. We love everyday and vintage styles. We love jewelries without the boundary of country, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc.. We love what we love. 

This is a section particularly for you, a section of Styling Ideas. We believe that jewelry has the power to make you feel great and make you feel unique. Style the jewelries and express yourself! Get inspired and inspire the others! 

Appreciate the sharing from those who love Kategory Jewelry. We are eager for you to join too! Send us your photos sharing how you style with our jewelries. You may be the next one to be featured in our website and social media accounts. 

Stack Up Your Style

Majority of our rings are open rings and their style are in line, chic and elegant. So feel free to fit them onto your different fingers and create your own style! There is no absolute right or wrong in how you stack or mix & match your rings, as long as you feel great and comfortable.

Simple TIPS of rings styling from Kategory for creating a dainty, elegant look: 

  1. Simple ring + Statement ring
  2. Golden ring + Golden/ Golden with cubic zirconia ring
  3. Silver ring + Silver/ Silver with cubic zirconia ring
  4. Golden ring + Silver ring
  5. The magical simple ring

 1. Simple ring + Statement ring

Crescent Ring + Twisted Dome Open Ring

Both rings are made of genuine 925 sterling silver with 18k real gold plating. Hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear. Not too much, simple and stylish. 

Crescent Ring and Twisted Dome Open Ring, Kategory Jewelry

2. Golden ring + Golden/ Golden with cubic zirconia ring

On index finger: River Ring + Twisted Dome Open Ring

On middle finger: Glitter Ring + Crescent Ring

On Ring finger: Vienna Ring

Wear multiple rings is just so fun and satisfying! It's fine to be greedy!

Stacking rings of Kategory Jewelry

 3. Silver ring + Silver with cubic zirconia ring


Glitter Ring + River Ring

The River Ring contains two layers, just like you have stacked up two rings on a finger. The Glitter Rings contain a number of beautiful cubic zirconias. When both rings go together, it looks neat and elegant. Both rings are made of 925 sterling silver. They are hypoallergenic and adjustable rings. 

River Ring & Glitter Ring, Kategory Jewelry

 4. Golden ring + Silver ring

Please take a look on this video with our Gold & Silver Glitter Rings. Both are made of genuine 925 sterling silver. Hypoallergenic and adjustable. You may put both rings onto the same finger or wear them separately onto different fingers. 

 4. The magical simple ring

Whether you go for everyday or vintage, simple or statement style, the Simple Stackable Ring can do the magic. It can match with any kind of golden rings  and help creating a chic style. It also helps balancing the overall spatial distribution of the rings on your fingers. 

Last but not least, match your clothing style with your rings. If you are wearing simple daily look, go for simple stacking. If you are going to dress up a bit, why not stacking up a number of pieces and get shiny!

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The Jewelries They Love

We are very glad to have Lou and Haley as our brand ambassadors, sharing how they style with our jewelries.

Lou from United Kingdom

Let's hear what she says. 
Coin medallion Pendant Necklace, Kategory Jewelry
Shop and learn more about Coin Medallion Pendant Necklace
Haley from United States
Kategory Jewelry Styling Ideas
Haley loves our Chain Drop Earrings. She likes stacking the earrings with one or two pieces of minimalist earrings. 
Chain Drop Earrings, Kategory Jewelry

Shop and learn more about Chain Drop Earrings. 

How about you? Send your photos and/or videos with our jewelries to, you may be the next one to be featured!

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